Singapore Sensation

My next adventure took me to Singapore.

Hawkers used to have their stalls set up all around Singapore, offering their array of food to tourists wondering the streets. The government then decided they no longer wanted these hawkers on the streets. So Newton Circus popped up, and has become a primary tourist attraction and interactive food experience.

From chilli crab to carrot cake your options are infinite. The setting is perfect for a large group, meeting up and grabbing a table after a busy days activities. Everyone can pick and choose, sharing dishes and exciting food experiences.

I was pointed in the direction of stall 76 and told to seek out Irene. I highly recommend her chai tow kway, carrot cake, but not in the European sense. This fried carrot cake, typically prepare by frying daikon cake with chopped radish, diced garlic, eggs and chinese fish sauce is a must have in your selection of dishes.

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